So Italian | Paul Canonici

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Paul Canonici’s So Italian contains so much. It’s an amazing collection of original essays, artwork, travel notes, and Italian cooking tips., including:

  • 140 Images of Canonici‚Äôs art, most taken from his travel sketchbook, all inspired by Italian scenes he saw while touring Italy in the 1980’s and 1990’s
  • Essays based on his travel notes.
  • Traditional Italian recipes representing all regions of Italy, for appetizers (antipasti), first dishes (primi), second courses (secondi), vegetables and salads (contorni) and deserts (dolci).
  • A main feature of the book: forty pasta sauces, the classics, many quick and easy, some require no cooking.
  • Tips for cooking Italian.
Buy Paul Canonici's So Italian Today!
Buy Paul Canonici’s So Italian Today!