Traditional Recipes With My Art and Travel Notes

This book is about places, people and foods that are So Italian they keep beckoning Paul Canonici back to his parents’ birthplace. His drawings and travel notes take you to some of his favorite places where he searches out traditional Italian recipes like those brought to America by the immigrants a hundred years ago.

The book takes you to The Marche Region where you meet Graziella, who exchanges her biscotti recipe for a Vodka Martini. It takes you to Sicily where you walk the cobblestones of Poggioreale, turned into a ghost town by the earthquake of 1968.

Canonici’s travel notes introduce you to Elaine, the young American who fell in love with Tuscan cuisine and made Tuscany her home. They introduce you to Paola Bini who gives you a tour of her kitchen, and she may allow you the privilege of a night in her horse stable apartment.

Canonici shares some of his So Italian experiences: a visit to Assunta’s pottery shop in Gubbio, dining at La Pianella high in the mountains above Serra San Quirico, a vaporetto ride to the Venetian island of Burano and an afternoon snack of salumi and wine at a sidewalk cafe in Norcia.

The recipes in Paul Canonici’s book are the classic Italian dishes, the regional favorites and the peasant staples. They are the traditional dishes that the world considers So Italian.